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Apr 02, 2009


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This is a pretty good breakdown in pdf format


Big L

First 10%. 15% before summer. 20-25% before Christmas, unless it's canceled this year.

This is how the world ends. Ed and his sheep can sit here and mock me, but I'm right. This is how the world is going to end at King Hussein the Wicked's hands.

It's too late and I'm too tired to sit here and tell you all once again how blind and dumb you are. Instead, pull your heads out of each other's asses and see just how much trouble this country is in, before the suicide bombers come to your street.


Operation Hit the Rich in the Codsack will be much more effective than the cakewalk, slamdunk war which pays for itself and welcomes the occupiers as liberators, which will only last 6 days or six weeks, but certainly not 6 months. The current junta of hubris has a much tighter grip on reality than the last group of temporary workers who are eternally pensioned.

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