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Apr 03, 2009


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Dick heard that "Senator No" was available and has adopted it as his new screen name.

Dave Dobson

Preventing a person who lost her legs in Iraq from serving veterans, without saying why. Classy.

Dave Ribar

Sen. Burr is probably consulting Sen. Chambliss on how best to question a multiple-amputee vet's patriotism.


Block and obfuscate - it was fine while my party had the White House - but not now. Let me see what I can put a hold on.


I think he wants to make sure she can walk the walk.


Burr needs to be against something. The shit he voted for during the last 6 years is still paying for itself. I'm glad to see him cut the legs out from under something other than the Constitution. Maybe Burr can torture the candidate and get the questions answered.


Echo, echo, echo, echo, echo.....

Graham Shevlin

What's up Sam? Can't think of anything useful to say, so you have to mock others who correctly note that Burr looks like a mean-spirited devious little shit?


Sam, why do you have to come along and spoil the harmony in here? I'm staying out of this one. Burr doesn't have a leg to stand on.


if Burr would have done his leg work on this one, he could have introduced legislation to legitimize his position. Burr's legman on this action wasn't looking out for his boss's legacy.


The elegance in your allegation is legible to all but the legions who see him as a legend and allege that his actions are legitimate and legal


Sorry, I can't resist... Can't ya give Burr a leg-up just this once?

Ouch, is that a Burr on my leg or a Senator?

Burr better watch his step with all the knee deep BS in Washington. He'll not look good with BS on his legs.

Carefull, with all the puns flying around this thread someone is bound to get hit. You might even lose a leg.

Ed Cone

You're making jokes based on the fact this woman lost her legs while serving in Iraq?

You stay classy, Greensboro.


"lost her legs"...that's the best one yet, Ed. We shoulda known better than to do this is here. You win. We lose.


Roch started it, Mama.


Ed's right. Nothing humerus about it.


Remind me not to stand near you in a thunder storm


cp @9:43 wins, hands, er legs, down!

Steve Harrison

He may have some questions other than political animosity, but here's my take on why Burr is doing this:

Burr had (has?) some pretty big plans to change the Department of Veterans Affairs, and he was hoping Obama would keep former Secretary James Peake at the helm. Peake was a former Director of QTC Management, which is the single biggest private outsourcing firm for government services like healthcare for Vets. Not surprisingly, as Secretary, Peake pushed hard for privatization, moving to close several VA assessment and treatment facilities. Burr and Peake were peas in a pod, and the shifting of moneys to the private sector was their penultimate goal.

On the legislative side, Burr in the Senate and Buyer in the House were both pushing legislation that, among other things, would change the way disabled veterans get compensated. Some nice-sounding stuff, but the ugly was an effort to base disability compensation on the age and rank of the troop in question. Meaning, a Private would be compensated considerably less than a Lieutenant would be, even if their permanent disability were the same. And if anybody thinks the Private would still get the same amount as he does now, while funds would be added for the officer, think again.

Well, Peake is out now and Shinseki is in, so these dreams aren't coming true anytime soon. And Richard Burr is pissed.

Just a note: stay tuned. I started a little late looking at Liddy's money, and was only able to scratch the surface. I've already got a few Burr money articles in the oven as we speak, and I'll be baking for the next year-and-a-half.

Steve Harrison

That's "monies" instead of "moneys". Not enough coffee.


Steve, you've piqued my interest. Where will you be publishing?


Ed wrote: "You're making jokes based on the fact this woman lost her legs while serving in Iraq?

You stay classy, Greensboro."

Must be a Burr under Ed's saddle.

Steve Harrison

You can find my drivel over at BlueNC, Lex. Here's a piece I did on a couple who donated over $60,000 to Dole back in 2005.


Steve: Many thanks. I spent a good bit of time during my last couple of years at the N&R looking into the screwing that disabled vets are getting on their comp-and-pen, but I was looking a tad lower down the food chain than the Peake/Burr and Burr/Buyer nexi. That's really interesting and very disturbing information. I'll be following whatever you find and also will tip the N&R's Mark Binker to it (like he doesn't have enough on his plate already, he's also now trying to keep a closer eye on the N.C. congressional delegation on their actual jobs as opposed to their in-state campaigning), on the offchance he isn't already aware.

Steve Harrison

I've only recently started peeling back the layers on the injured/disabled veterans situation Lex, but what I've seen so far is depressing as hell. Frankly, the problem is both huge and complex.

I've been looking almost exclusively at the mental health situation (PTSD & TBI), and mostly how those issues impact deactivating National Guard and Reserve troops. This is one area that Burr has let vets down on, and this piece of crap legislation should have got him booted from the VA Committee. Summary: in lieu of filing for disability related to PTSD, the veteran must comply with a year-long treatment regimen to "cure" said PTSD, and he or she will be paid a "Wellness Stipend" that hits a maximum of $11,000 for this year of treatment. And the veteran agrees to not file for disability during this period, and the veteran will cease receiving these stipends if he or she fails to comply with any part of the regimen. God only knows how a failure would affect a future disability claim.

Whatever. You get the picture. Veterans suffering from combat-related mental illness are the last group of Americans that should have to "comply with a regimen" to receive assistance from our government. *sigh*

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