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Apr 30, 2009


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Thanks for posting this, Ed.

Anyone who spends any time here at Ed's place is welcome to join us. And it's always fun to meet virtual people in real life.

Hope to see you in Chapel Hill on Saturday!


Can we car pool? Bubba had a prior commitment.


I can't make it because I am in Wrightsville Beach, but maybe James can send me an autographed copy of his book.

I also don't think we would be well received. Some of those people have probably never met a real life conservative and may be appalled at such an oddity. It IS in Chapel Hill which might as well be the Upper East Side- you know the place where "nobody I know voted for Bush".


Let's do a local triad blogger bash, anyone up for that?


That depends on who we get to bash.


Spag, we'd love to have you come. Cheri and Bubba too.

With all of our sparring online, I fear you've come to misunderestimate the liberal mind. At least as far as I'm concerned, there are no higher values than inclusion and generosity. If we can't eat barbecue together, there is no hope.

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