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Apr 18, 2009


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Ian McDowell

I had a Time-Warner public relations person ask me if I was Joe Killian at the protest today. I hope I disabused her of the notion that a reporter covering the protest would be holding a sign saying:

"We don't want no 'Education'
We don't want no tier control
Don't be so damn greedy in the boardroom
Hey, Time-Warner, leave those rates alone."

In all fairness to her, my current Facebook profile pic does look more than a bit like Joe.

Joe Killian

That's a lot of sign.

Don Moore

Don't disparage Sen Hagan. Now that Chuck S is taken the lead on this Time Warner thing, we can expect for support from the Democratic Party. Now to get Burr and Coble on board.

ESPECIALLY, after I read that Sweden has 100MB for $11 a month!!!

Ian McDowell

The sign was mainly meant for photo ops, as it was way too much text to read from the street. I should add that I shared it around, in case anyone sees a photo of a stocky guy with a full head of hair holding it and wonders how anyone could mistake that guy for you.

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