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Apr 30, 2009


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The aerotropolis will save us.

Jon Lowder

Lots of folks in W-S have seen long-held family assets go into the toilet thanks to Wachovia's travails. Still, at least they now hold some Wells Fargo equity, for what it's worth, which is still better than what I fear is going to happen to the UGCers.

Roger Greene

Don't be so modest Ed. The collapse of the textile industry started the negative momentum in Greensboro. The loss of major corporate presence was and is a huge one that hadn't been made up before all the current troubles.

Ed Cone

The demise of the textile industry (along with the changes in furniture and tobacco) took a great deal of wealth and a lot of jobs out of this region, and began a transformation of the economy that will end up...well, we don't really know yet.

I think that's pretty well understood around here.

The more recent and sudden destruction of wealth and jobs in the financial sector is ongoing and somewhat surprising, and we haven't quite gotten our minds around it.

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