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Apr 12, 2009


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Steve Harrison

Nice article, Ed.

I spoke with Zephyr for a few minutes after the rally, and we discussed some of the advantages of the decentralization of banks. Like scalability: an increase in smaller loans for smaller (local) projects, as opposed to tying up their capital gambling on loans made on the other side of the country.

She pointed out there is an environmental advantage to this also (which I should have already considered), because the new development behavior might adversely impact the value of previous loans the (smaller/local) bank has made, so they are more likely to be concerned about potential consequences.

Zephyr's got it together.


Anybody notice the different coverage we get from our fearless correspondent on various rallies going on this weekend?

"But one shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction of the left to the Tea Parties. They have never seen this before, conservatives don’t usually protest. We’re used to watching the angry liberal college students vandalizing everything in their sight and getting arrested, all in the name of a cause they’re usually not very familiar with in the first place.
All of a sudden, you have the conservative movement protesting against government overspending, peacefully, without much fanfare, conducted mostly by adults who might bring their kids out, and with no police involvement (how un-cool, indeed). The liberal confusion should be expected.

As a result, at first the leftist media didn’t report on the Tea Parties at all, pretending they’re not happening, perhaps hoping they’d simply go away. Now, with all the big-time personalities and celebrities coming out and hosting the events, they’re left without a choice. So what do they do? They talk about the name. It couldn’t get any more predictable."

Jeffrey Sykes

Wow! Thank El that Democratic Party activist Jerimee was there to capture those images.

Otherwise we would have missed out on what looks like the most unenthusiastic protesters ever to attend a rally.

Perhaps they could use some tea.

Steve Harrison

"conservatives don’t usually protest."

That's a crock. Conservatives protest frequently against abortion, homosexuality, immigration (both legal and illegal), gun control, etc. And they even protest against the right to protest. Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his grave to see the word "Sedition" resurrected like that.


"legislating a way forward." That gets filed under oxymoronica with "national interests" and "greater good". If I read too many of those things I go vasovagal and vomit on the ceiling. I'm shaking now. BP droppinggggggggg..............

Fred Gregory

Nwf crowd size: 8 Austin; 30 Chicago; 12 DC; 14 St. Louis.

I suppose you gotta start somewhere.

Over at the Tempest thread justcorbly caled the Tea Party protestors , whack-jobs. Yeah well they have been well attended: 500 Yakima; 1500 St. Louis; 1000 San Diego; 2000 Pittsburgh; 4000 Orlando; 300 Williamsburg; 3500 Cincinnati.. just to name a few. I would like to see a total accounting of all such demostrations. Anyone have this data ?

Both groups are exercising free speech rights. The mocking and ridicule from the CM and other big government stoners is actualy welcomed.

I think it was Ged or Roch who wanted to know who these Tea Party types were.

I think I found you an answer...

Leftie Tea Party-Phobia


It wasn't me, but are you going to the one in Greensboro, Fred? If so, why?


1500 to 14 in the same city? Fred you're good at tracking down stats. doesn't that ratio roughly correspond to the ratings differential between Fox News and MSNBC? Methinks rumors of the death of the Republican party may have been greatly exagerrated.


CP, can you give us a link to the source for Fred's number you swallow without substantiation? I'd like to determine if those figures include the ACORN infiltrators.


No I cannot. Is there anything else you would like me to relay to him for you?

Fred Gregory


Tell Roch I made them up.

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