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Apr 28, 2009


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Market forces will ensure this, along with huge drops in government spending and abandonment of foreign wars. When the War on Drugs started to add to the number of "illegal" drugs smuggled into prisons, it was time to rethink. Unfortunately, governments never act. They react. The longer they fight against these inevitabilities, the more lives and resources will be ruined. There will be more reactionary forces setting in, such as introduction of bills requiring gold payments to state treasuries(GA co-sponsored by a D and an R) and Texas and GA passed bills reaffirming the 10th amendment. This had been a public service announcement.


"At this point...lest the public lose respect for drug laws in general."

Didn't that happen about 40 years ago?


I heard something on NPR the other about the legalization of MJ adding, I think, $13 Billion dollars a year to the US Economy. The figure included taxes on the drug and the cost savings for law enforcement.

But I could be off on the number.


PS. The costs of rehab, education and counciling was also figured in.


And don't forget a bill by Ron Paul to legalize industrial hemp.

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