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Mar 26, 2009


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Let us not forget it's taking almost 10 weeks to get tax refunds back even when they're filed electronically...

There are pot-holes everywhere... and service at merchants have gone to the dogs as top levels executives down grade into the drive-thru... and retaliate the dissatisfaction with their life by reluctantly serving your burger as poorly as possible, rather than seeing a proper therapist... all because it isn't covered under their health plan.

The other day the lady cussed at me at Hardees. Cussed. All I did was order a burger...

Then someone almost road raged me off the road....

There is a tension in the air...

bill bush

We're up to date on another trend too: incentives for the well-to-do: Broyhill Furniture got $4,000,000 from Caldwell County, one of the three worst for unemployment, and immediately their prez got a $2,000,000 bonus! It was for maintaining a positive cash flow. (That means they only lost about $360,000,000 instead of more.) Now Kincaid Furniture wants $500,000 from Caldwell to help move some operations there from Wilkes County. This will supposedly bring 20 or 30 jobs to Caldwell and keep 200 jobs already in Caldwell there. I can see that a little more than the straight bonus at Broyhill. I'm just unsophisticated enough to wonder about all those furniture and textile jobs that went overseas. When those people had jobs 20 years ago, were we making incentive payments? BTW, Caldwell is the county that gave Google $20,000,000 to lure in a server farm. Wonder how that investment is paying off? It is the biggest building I have ever seen, I think. It is also white, but I don't know what the blind men have said.


There is a good discussion going on about this topic over at

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