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Mar 25, 2009


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If we have to pay in $1 million to cover operating expenses out of a $400 million dollar budget, that is money well spent. I wish I could say that about the other $399 million. Having Carolina and Dook in town with their high profile programs, and the free exposure is priceless. Plus what a great facility available for all to enjoy.


hah. the NCAA has as an emblem on the uniforms with the colors of the regime which made Dred Scott and the Fugitive Slave Act the law of the land. With the exception of African gold and diamond mines, the NCAA is possibly the chief exploiter of cheap black labor on the planet. Kill whitey.

Don Moore

Ed, have you ever visited the Coliseum area with a person who has only seen Greensboro through the eyes of a Basketball-based TV camera. I have. After years of seeing the Greensboro Coliseum on TV, Harry J. Pappas, the former owner of WCWG-TV and previously the largest privately owned TV owner in the USA, thought that relocating WCWG-TV from behind Harpers Carwash to near the Coliseum would be a good idea.

Needless to say, after driving to the coliseum, seeing the grass growing in the cracks in the parking lot, the industrial neighborhood that surrounds the coliseum - he refused to even get out of the car.

It was not the experience he was led to believe from watching Greensboro on TV.

Ed Cone

Wait, Greensboro's foremost Coliseum-basher has an anecdote about a guy who would rather operate behind a topless carwash than near the Coliseum, and who evidently imagined a big sports arena in a garden full of fawns and flowers?

OK, I'm convinced. Tear it down.


I tire of the "White Elephant" crowd who refuse to allow for the economic impact of the CVM and consider only the red vs black balance sheet. I know those folks last weekend spent A LOT of money in our town. Visitors and residents alike.

I will admit I am suspect of economic impact formulas. But I would like to see an estimate on real dollars (via sales tax, etc) that go to the city for an event such as last weekend.

Did hotels and restaraunts near the CVM do better than usual? Anybody?


Dont forget we landed some national figure skating thingy. I hear it is a big deal.... who knew!!!!

Geeze, what's next a swimming pool or sumpin :)


I'm glad I got out of my car this weekend. Walked into that arena, saw some damn good b-ball, drank a $4 aquafina, walked back to my car and drove home. I guess I should be thankful to be alive. I never realized the danger I was in.

Don Moore

I'm not saying tear it down. I know that's not going to happen. It's time for Action Greensboro and the others with money to put their businesses where their mouth is. The Coliseum area needs some economic development from the private sector.

I heard the same complaints from folks who attended the NCAA games as always - nothing but Stamey's to eat. There's nothing within a SAFE walk (as experienced by any visitor unaware of the area). Most folks aren't going to walk to any place they can't see from the door.

Nothing says put a restaurant here than an office complex with a few hundred employees. No restaurant is going to locate near the coliseum based on it's infrequent activities.

How about the Melvin Center where the Coliseum Inn was once located...

Ed Cone

Fair enough, Don -- and thanks for wading through the sarcasm to continue the thread.

I guess this is the direction the City is pushing toward with its purchase of the Canada Dry property.

A lot of arenas are in grimy areas, but there's no reason Greensboro can't do better.


I believe there is more than a little effort goig into the Lee Street corridor. I hope it works out. We have spent a lot of money, time and effort on the downtown area. Perhaps it is time to move on to another project area.

I just dont think "nothing within walking distance" is a deal killer for folks. I know it isnt a green attitude but get in that vehichle and drive dude!

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