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Mar 30, 2009


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if drugs can get into prisons, the pooch just might already be screwed. Drug problems are created by drug laws. When government intervenes into personal self-medication, a simple personal tragedy evolves into a complex national disaster.

Gangs dont fight over aspirin, whiskey and cell phone territories. I don't know anyone personally who died from the gonja, but millions have died directly from the policies of do-gooder political MFrs.


I agree and would like to read from those that disagree. This change has been needed for many years.

Drugs should be legalized and sold much the same way as alcohol.

Tax the drugs.
Free up prisons.
Free up courts.
Improve the quality.

Abuse will always exist.


Last year, UNC economist Art Benavie argues the net swing from the cost of the war on drugs to a taxable commodity would exceed $70 billion annually. More recent estimates from other economists are approaching the $100 billion mark.

From what I can tell, the only advocates are the chosen ones and cops. (Cops aren't actually for the war on drugs, just for the money it pours into their coffers.)

Ed Cone

Legalization/taxation/decriminalization, in whatever combination, is no panacea.

Just an improvement on the status quo.


Our overcrowded prisons are an embarrasment - due in no small part to removing people from society who are harming no one but themselves. Much cheaper to provide counseling and other services than it is to incarcerate. Kids with parents in jail is a combination where no one wins. (See the story of Kalli in the news this past week.) By the grace of some grand intervenor, I didn't spend any of my devious youth in a cell due to my "discretions." I don't care about the economic argument about it being a boon to our government coffers - truly the wrong reason to decriminalize. The new federal drug czar- Gil Kerlikowske - ruled over a police department where marijuana was, in essence, decriminalized. Should be interesting to see how this plays out on the federal level.


Legalization/taxation/decriminalization, in whatever combination, is no panacea.
Ed; you left out using the funds of taxation for rehab. This is essential for this to work! Sure it is not a panacea, but it is sooooooooo much better than what is happening now. I know first hand how a little gonga helps relieve pain and discomfort in someone suffering from cancer. Especially from the nausea!


Anybody know where I can score a lid?

Yes, it has been that long.

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