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Mar 27, 2009


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Big L

You never learn, do you.

I've been saying for months, for MONTHS, that unemployment is going to go through the roof and be our downfall and you never listen to me. I've been saying for months that King Hussein the Wicked is evil and will be the downfall of America, and you just laugh at me.

I am right. I have been right all along, and I will continue to be right.

Unemployment isn't going to stop. Not with King Hussein and the rest of the liberal terrorists in charge. Next month it'll be 12%. This summer it'll get up to 15%. By the holiday season it'll be 20%, probably more. One out of every five men will not have a job before the end of this year. And that's not where it'll stop.

I've said time and time again that my paycheck won't just be used to support my family, but a whole other family before too long. And none of you have listened to me or done a damn thing about it.

I've said time and time again this is how King Hussein plans to take down America. He's going to make sure none of us have anything, or have the money to buy anything. He'll take away our guns, our ability to defend ourselves from his tyranny. He'll open the borders wide open, even more then they are now, to let in the al Qaeda sleeper cell agents into the country. They'll infiltrate themselves in with the poor, with what used to be the middle class. The desperate poor will listen to their ideas of destruction in the name of allah. They'll have nothing to lose, and will blow themselves up in the middle of Times Square, of downtown Raleigh, of a local basketball or football game. Whatever strikes fear in the hearts of good Americans and gets them to allah faster.

I've been saying for months that this is how King Hussein the Wicked plans to destroy us all, and none of you have listened to me.

All I can hope now is that it literally blows up in your face. Maybe you'll open your eyes when your loved ones are killed and the blood is on King Hussein's hands. It'll be on your conscience, not mine, for my eyes are open. Yours are closed.

I've been saying this for month, and you liberal morons won't listen. Open your eyes.


Bill L, are you still smoking that S**t? Crack frys your brain, you know?

Ed Cone

Just about everyone has been predicting increases in unemployment, Big L, with liberal economists helping to lead the way.

Job losses tend to continue after a recovery, so we've got a ways to go.

You have staked out some original turf on Obama's secret plan to Islamize America. If that happens, I will be the first to give you credit for your prescience.

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