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Mar 25, 2009


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Mad Dog


Help me out here. I know I have bought mixed drinks on Sunday in Greensboro. I know there is a time limit on Sunday, but I thought any bar or restaurant could open/serve Sunday after 12 noon. And not to sound like a prude, but I don't think anybody needs to be drinking before noon on any day, regardless of what Jimmy Buffett says.


Ed Cone

I could have sworn I've done so, too, but the article says beer and wine only. Private clubs can serve on Sunday.

I'm not a big daytime drinker, but there are times when a Bloody Mary at brunch is indicated.


You can buy a mixed beverage on Sunday after noon. It used to be 1 pm, but the Panthers got that changed. ABC stores are not open, but you can buy beer and wine.


My complaint is that I sometimes go to the grocery store on Sunday mornings. I sometimes put a 6-pack of beer into my shopping cart. If it happens to be Sunday morning, I don't get to buy that beer.

Now, If I were one of those people that thinks drinking is immoral... would I be at the grocery store on a Sunday morning?

"The state should not impose religious rules on private businesses."

I agree. If you don't like the purchase of alcohol, don't buy it.

Roger Greene

As a self reliant American, I take responsibility for having my Sunday breakfast spirits in hand by Saturday evening. I adjust may sail to the wind and try not to change the wind.


I lived in South Carolina for a while in the early 80's. Back then (don't know about now) alcohol sales were banned between midnight Saturday and midnight Sunday. THAT took some getting used to. I learned to plan ahead. Bars had to use mini-bottles, which sucked. You couldn't tip your way to a heavy-handed pour. I did like to variety offered by the privately owned liquor stores.

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