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Mar 28, 2009


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From catsball06, who is smarter than I am, over at

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:37 am Post subject:


Consider this:

Pistol Pete took 3166 shots in three years, a figure that Curry would not even sniff if he played four. Curry has scored (eliminating the three point line) 2221 pts on 1866 shots which would be equivalent to 3768 points on Pete's shot pace.

Also, if the three point line were not an option for Curry, he would more than likely take far more shots from higher percentage spots around the rim. From inside the arc, Curry has shot greater than 53 percent. Let's say that half of those three point attempts were now shot from inside the arc (a pretty safe bet). At his percentages that would add 122 points to that total (remembering that the three point line doesn't exist).

So, he would be at 2343 points on 1866 shots which equates to 3975 points on Pete's 3166 shots putting him 308 points ahead. This makes the argument seem a little less ridiculous. You can't simply go by points per game or points per season without thinking about points per shot.


That was a great cure for another rainy saturday.

On the topic of sports my 2009 Heidi award goes to CBS for limiting it's coverage of the down-to-the-wire Mich State-Kansas ending to a small box showing the running clock and score embedded in the picture of the meaningless last minutes of the Carolina blowout. Is Woody Durham in charge of CBS sports programming now?

Ed Cone

So Curry scores more points without the three-pointer?

Sure he does.


"You can't simply go by points per game or points per season without thinking about points per shot."

Yes you can, since points count the same irrespective of how many shots it takes to get them, but I see the somewhat convoluted point. Those boys down at Davidson are mighty smart.


Yes, Ed, if he takes as many shots as Pete did, and is as UNGUARDED on outside shots as Pete was. Defenses didn't guard jumpers the way they do now. Because the jumper was worth the same as the layup but was a lower percentage shot.

Doesn't matter, though, because if he comes back, he stands a better chance than anyone ever has of breaking that record.


of course, if Pete had the three pointer, he'd have scored 50 a game, so who knows.

Preston Earle

From the Wikipedia article on Pete Maravich:

"Years later former LSU head basketball coach Dale Brown charted every college game Maravich played, taking into consideration all shots he took. The coach calculated that at the NCAA rule of a three-point line at 19-foot (5.8 m), 9-inches from the rim, Maravich would have averaged thirteen 3-point scores per game, which would have given the player a career average of 57 points per game."

Kirk Ross

Thanks Ed.
That was really cool.

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