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Mar 26, 2009


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Well that lawyer found controver$$y.

Ed Cone

ACLU lawyer versus a DA, not a big $ case.


@ Ed

My inner cynic wasn't talking about the case ...a clue - how many lawyers are in Congress ?

Think name recognition.


The girls may have a right to privacy, but their itty bitty titties are the property of the state, like every child in the school system.

Fred Gregory

I find nothing funny about this. It is sad.

Jessie hanged herself in her bedroom.


the poor girl hanged herself to get away from her mother. passing an ordinance won't stop a copycat suicider either. everyone involved in the girl's imagined crisis appeared to be in the school system, except the parents. the parents still think the state has an answer to this problem in value clarification. enforcing perceieved moral values only benefits the prison/punishment/industrial complex.


Looks like Joe Francis is missing out.

"DA's Gone Wild!" Wooo Hooo!

Since when is an under-age subject of a photo the criminal?


But Dude, overkill is like the great American way. The road to Democracy requires we build-in potholes, slipperly slopes and steep drops with no guard rails. And heaven forbid safety nets for those who fall. To have a sane and rational response to anything political simply isn't allowed in this great nation.

Are you like a socialist or something?

Please Ed, you do know I'm kidding about the personal attacks? Right?

Ed Cone

Fred, I agree that this is a serious subject, and certainly the suicide is nothing to joke about.

I just saw another article about a 14 year old who posted explicit nude photos of herself on MySpace, which strikes this father of a teenage girl as dangerous and unhealthy behavior.

However, prosecuting the girls and invoking child porn laws seems like the wrong way to address the problems. In the PA case, it seems two of the girls were in poses no more provocative than a family photo from the beach.

We're in the midst of a cultural shift; we need to understand it and deal with it, not just freak out and witch-hunt the kids.


And bear in mind that a conviction for child pornography carries with it not only a criminal sentence, but listing as a sex offender. Should kids really face lifetime legal restrictions and social stigma for this sort of thing?


no crime was committed. no one was encroached upon and no property was damaged. The conservative contingent wants to Nifong these poor little girls. You sick bastids.


Maybe we need a Naked prepubescent awareness/tolerance month. Where have you gone, Joclyn Elders? Joltin Joc has left and gone away,, hey hey hey


where have you gone Pat the Robertson

a nation turns the old one eye to you



Jeffrey Sykes

I fail to see what the big deal is. Sex is pushed on us from every angle in every form of media at all times.

If I walk into a grocery store I see "make him want you" and "how to drive him crazy in bed" and "have the orgasm of your dreams" screaming from headlines adjoining images of nearly bare chested ladies adorning the covers of magazines on every checkout aisle.

Do we think our children are blind?

If I flip tv channels at any time during the day I see sex, sex and more sex on any number of channels.

Do we think our children are stupid?

Why even the vice-presidential nominee of one of the nation's major parties was the subject of a porn movie that was much discussed in the open at a local media outlet just recently.

I'd like to take Joe Killian's advice and have my family stick to PBS Kids, but we haven't found a way to achieve perfect isolation as of yet.

Did anyone stop to think what aftereffects the loosening of standards of decency in our mass media would have on young children?

Certain freedoms do have consequences.


I have 6 male enhancement channels on my cable service. It seems there is no short supply of satisfied young women and local news weathermen. If I was the American Taliban, I would direct my efforts toward these pudophiles.


“They said they had a full-bodied naked picture of me, but I knew I’d never had any naked picture taken of me,” the student, Marissa Miller, 15, recalled "

What a liar!. Every purple-headed perv in America has already seen Marissa wearing practically nano

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