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Mar 28, 2009


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So where's the pitchfork store ?


How many you want? I can make them to your specifications from steel recycled right here in the US of A.


I don't know if I buy Bourg's central premise of crisis arising from excess by oligarchs. Many of the emerging markets he cites as examples (and others, Chile, Argentina, Poland and soon, Iraq) had some crisis thrust upon them (war, natural disaster or political upheaval) which the IMF then exploited for the purpose, not of bringing down Oligarchs, but for privatizing socialized assets (mines, manufacturers, land). That's the compelling case Naomi Klein makes in "The Shock Doctrine, the Rise of Disaster Capitalism" at least.

Under the usual disaster capitalism scenario, the current troubles in the US would present an opportunity for greater "privatization." We would expect to see the privatization of the military begun under Rumsfeld extend to other areas of public endeavor. Instead, Obama is turning the disaster capitalists playbook on its head and using the current disaster as a reason for (some) socialization of (some) private enterprise. (Rohm Emanuel's recent comment "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," was hardly a new way of thinking.)

It will be interesting to see how this develops. Were Obama sending the "oligarchs" to poverty with his efforts, I'd be worried about some greater calamity. But by saving their asses too though, he may well be placating them enough that there is no real resistance other than from the whiney tea baggers.

In my opinion, Obama is not the Marxist bat-shit-crazy congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R, MN) would have us believe. I suspect the government intervention in private enterprise is going to extend only as far as necessary to get the economy going again -- that administration's interest is pragmatic: "Own" or partially own some enterprises temporarily in order to get them back on their feet with the happy benefit that it will demonstrate that government can actually play a helpful role in a capitalistic society. With that demonstrated, and the economy looking up, a government plan for health care will be more palatable.


@ Bill

This is off topic for the thread. Once you see this , we can move to your blog.

I want to find a job in the recycle biz, or associated biz's, locally.

Can you offer specific clues?/suggestions ?

I've got lots of generic job hunting search links, but am hoping you have some kind of 'insider' insight that might be of help.

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