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Mar 25, 2009


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Good for Hagan. Bad for Social Democrats.

Big L

Because God forbid that not everyone immediately fall right in line with King Hussein and his ways.

I lowered myself to watching King Hussein's propaganda on 60 Minutes (which is abolute garbage now) due to the relentless advertising which almost ruined the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. The first thing that came to my mind is that he is absolutely mad. The stresses of the job have driven him completely insane, and we are watching King Hussein literally laugh in our faces about how this country is going down the tubes with his rule. That this madman is the one in charge of our nuclear stockpile and he will surely use them on us before his reign is through.

However, I thought about it a little more. King Hussein is many things, but dumb is not one of them. (The people who voted for him are, but that's another matter.) King Hussein knows exactly what he is doing. He's bankrupting us fiscally, before he bankrupts us socially and morally, and then he will lead the invasion to completely take over the country. Mark my words, his sinister plans are in full effect, and unless we do something to stop him there will be no more United States of America.

Need more proof? His plans to have a "group of working 18-25 year olds under his command." Does this not ring bells to anyone? Have you forgotten what Hitler did with his Nazi Youths? I told you once before that King Hussein was exactly like Hitler, and yet everyone laughed me off. Now here's more proof that King Hussein the Wicked is just like the greatest evil most of us can imagine. I will say it so that everyone can understand: KING HUSSEIN IS A FASCIST WHO WILL BRING ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD UNLESS HE IS STOPPED.

King Hussein will turn us conservatives into his Jews, and he will blame and punish us for everything that goes wrong using his gestapo of the liberal terrorist media. All of the warning signs are there, you just have to open your eyes and see it. Not when his thugs are goose-stepping down Washington Blvs. Before then.


Big L, are you still smoking that s**t? Don't you know it effects your brain?


Bill: the gonja would calm L down to defcon 3.


I hated this crap from the lefties and I hate it from the right wing kookazoids.

Graham Shevlin

Big L, I would just like to express my humble opinion that any author that regards renaming the President "King Hussein" at least once in every sentence of an offensive, juvenile screed as somehow clever has provided convincing proof that he or she is a peurile idiot.

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