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Mar 27, 2009


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this is only a speedbump on the

    road to serfdom


Maybe not a "failure of a whole model of banking," but certainly an example of the power of human bature over any ideology we may happen to think we operate by. Adam Smtih-esque free marketing may work, after a fashion, in pastoral Britiain of a few centuries ago, but it doesn't work in a global economy where concentrations of corporate power coalesce to manipulate the market for their own perceived benefit.

Other than the government, where's the countervailing force that going to face down that threat? Where was the mom-and-pop insitution that free marketeers say should have sprung into the existence a year or so ago to fill the vacuum left by ub-prime con artists?


We just graduated our first class here at Survival University, new classes are starting soon. Liberal Whiskey Brewing For Conservatives 101 was our most popular offering as each student left with all the tools they need to start their own small business.

Future class offerings include: How To Outrun The Revenuers Using Alternative Energy. Students are required to bring their own cars and pay for the costs associated with modifications and speed enhancements.


Bill: thank god you're here. maybe you can help me. when i put the revenuer chip into my 5.0 litre, it made the check engine light come on. Do you think homeland security could use that code failure on a state inspection to track domestic terrorists?


Forget the chips and go old school-- dual point distributors and Holleys. Harder to track. 6-71 Blowers are far more reliable than belt driven and turbos keep spinning at 20,000 RPM for several minutes after you turn off the switch causing the bearings to burn up from lack of oil pressure. Electronic ignition is code for g'vmnt tracking device. They can target your chips from satellites and use Predator drones to take you out from anywhere in the world.

Not that I care about you or anything but I'd hate to see all that shine fuel go up in one big ball of flame. Alcohol just requires a .o57 drill bit be taken to the jets and lots of air. Propane injection direct to the intake manifold helps boost horsepower and MPG and won't keep you up all night laughing.

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