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Mar 25, 2009


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Alan Bulluck

This is cultural insensitivity at its finest.


this will drive the cost of my head covers up, just when i need one more for a new hybrid 2 iron. we kill afghans don't we?


i just thought of something. make rugs out of the skins of the collaterally murdered afghan kids in the no longer war on turr or war against fundamentalist extremism and wtf ever. the pentagon just changed the name to some bullshit alphabetish protocol contingent on let iraqi freedom reign whatever. we are getting our war on right when we have to change the name to protect the innocent. Those seals never said they were for us, so they must be against us. Clubbing is cheaper than phosphorus to use on them AlKaaader seals. That seal hugger should get in her carbon foorprint making dependent on foreign oil aircraft, get home to GSO and start making babies.

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