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Mar 27, 2009


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If you look at the metric that NC cities do best in it's cost of doing business, which I'm guessing is related to low commercial and residential real estate costs. Sort the list by CoDB and the top 4 are NC (GSO tops), and 6 of top 7 are NC.

The way the list is structured it completely ignores jobs that would be targeted to those with HS or 2 year diplomas. If simply increasing educational attainment moves you up the list, how do you rank a market that is strong for those without 4 year degrees?

The dichotomy is easy to explain the rank difference between Hickory & Raleigh based on the industries that dominate those areas. RTP is probably the 2nd best tech metro in the South behind Austin, and even Austin isn't really in the same geographic area as RTP.

In contrast to my hometown metros, FTL & MIA ranked 181 & 188, the Triad is a good area - in my opinion in addition to the list.


It seems that the number one ranking of cost of doing business isn't necessarily a positive. That means we are cheapest...that means we are more likely to attract companies that value that aspect of our populace more so than our quality of life. It also means that we appear to be more likely to give away the farm in the form of developer and business incentives. Look at the cost of doing business in places like Seattle and Portland. Sure hurts their reputations don't it.


What NTG said.


Adding to NTG, high unemployment rates may be a feature, not a bug, from a business location perspective, since a big reserve army of unemployed keeps labor costs down. Which is nice for the sort of people who read Forbes, not so nice for the sort of people who work for them.


Best place for business or best place for the oligarchy?

I know dozens of small business owners in Greensboro who believe Greensboro to be anything but business friendly.

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