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Mar 25, 2009


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Alan Bulluck

I bet those folks who opted against the buyout are feeling like idiots right about now. That paper gets more thin by the day.


"What does our source think of newspapers on the Web? Not much. He says local papers should have a Web site run by two people that links to international and national news and keeps all local content behind a pay wall or off the Internet entirely."

Ugh. First mistake, the 90's paradigm of thinking of "newspapers" and "web" as demarcations of a newsorg's operations. The rest? A recipe for obscurity.


Hard to believe, but true: The Roanoke Time (87,463, daily circ.) is a larger paper than the Greensboro News & Record (78,295, daily circ.).


From the article linked: "For most of their existence, newspapers were steady sources of revenue that required little management -- "cash cows that you put your brother in charge of."

I didn't know JR was related to Sauls?

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