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Mar 31, 2009


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Gerald has done a great job being a bee in Alston's bonnet, but I wish (and hope) the N&R challenges him on the Open Meetings Law because it is apparent that no one else is. Are the other commissioners afraid of Skip? Why aren't they commenting or participating in the dialogue?


I don't think any of the coco's are afraid of Skip. They've had plenty of time to get used to him.

I get the impression that this is more of a problem with Witt and his personality (or lack thereof); most of the coco's are more forthcoming with Yost.

I don't appreciate Skip when he's in race-baiting demagogue mode, but at the moment, I think he's facilitating "change" that may need to happen in view of current economic challenges. Maybe things could have been handled in a more sensitive manner, but I think most people's rear-view mirrors work better than their windshields.

While Steve Arnold may take some shrapnel for his past business decisions, I've been told that his word is his bond ("transparency" be damned) when it comes to county business....day in and day out.

I think Skip did try the blog route at one time, but I recall he was subjected to some nasty anonymous fire; said comments may still be out there in blogosphere somewhere. He may have deserved it, given his inclinations at the time, but for someone who hasn't totally bought in to the medium, I don't know that I'd blame him for redefining insanity by going there (here) again.


He really seems to work hard on his blog these days



I should have said that I don't blame Skip for NOT going the blog route again; while he did get some constructive comments to his posts, he also received some anonymous sniping, which I would imagine could get to be frustrating.

He seemed pretty comfotable with blogging, though. If he would revisit it, it might blunt some of the whiny crap coming from the N&R.


Comfotable=comfortable. My bad.

Yow's every bit the demagogue as Skippy.


You're right...I can appreciate the fact that Gerald has a beef with Skip's behavior and the N&R is only one source of media. If only we had another source to contribute to the discussion...I don't argue whether or not the actions by Alston have some merit, I'm honestly not that in tune with County government, BUT the way in which he seems to be carrying them out (again as relayed by the N&R), does not bode well. His quotes (as reported by Gerald) are direct and they are pretty cantankerous. And there is a real issue here which is the Open Meetings Law. I say the N&R, if they are serious about continuing this train of focus on Skip needs to challenge Skip on this aspect rather than waiting for someone else to take the bait.


Ever wonder who drills wells for Skip? Yow, that's who. Now why would a black man pay thousands of dollars to a white racist and political opponent?

The answer: The Yow/Alston battle is a play designed to keep their supporters at odds with each other and themselves firmly seated.

Tony Wilkins

Billy Yow is a racist?
Where'd you hear that anonm?

Of course it's from an "anonymous" anonm. The very practice that keep many from taking the blog world seriously.


I didn't mean to imply that Billy Yow is rasist, what I meant to imply is that Alston's claims of Yow's racism are nothing more than a game Alston and Yow deliberitly play. In other words, if Yow really is racist then why does Alston pay him when he could hire other local well drillers?

Sorry, I did a poor job of stating what I meant.

Tony Wilkins

Thanks for your response anonm.
By the way, Billy has never drilled a well for Skip but certainly would if asked to.


What about Skip's son-- didn't Billy drill his well?

If not then I stand corrected.

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