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Mar 27, 2009


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I liked this explanation best, "maybe -- maybe -- the refs aren't as intimidated by Mike Krzyzewski and feel free to call the game with a keener eye toward fairness."

Doug H

Duke did have a "big fish in a little pond" look to them. What a meltdown. And this was the one time I actually was pulling for them!

I can't help but wonder if one factor is the conference losing players early to the pros. Another that comes to mind is the fact that there are a lot more great players around these days - more competition for the recruiters.

Ed Cone

One common explanation -- a dearth of good ACC coaches -- doesn't apply in this case. And while Nova was allowed to be aggressive, I don't the refs have that much influence in a 23-point game.


They may have more burger boys than Ol' Roy. Makes me wonder, do they become McD All Americans before they commit to Dook, or because they commit to Dook?

Joe Wilson

if you seek a dook...


I think the refs/Coach K impact some of Duke's close games in the ACC, but they really only won 2 regular season super tight ACC games. Say the BC acc tourney game was impacted, is Duke a #2 seed? If they're #3 and 'Nova is #2, this is viewed less as an upset. I think Coach K is great at getting his teams operating close to max performance in the regular season, but once they fall off max they don't look nearly as good. The tourney favors teams that underperform a little in the regular season, or have players out with injuries that come back, and hit their stride at the end of the year.

Roger Greene

This is one of the least talented Duke teams in a long time and K got the maximum potential out of them. Good coaching. Maybe Roy's boys will play up to their potential.


Duke over-performed this year. I don't think you can overstate the importance of a true point guard in the college game. Scheyer ain't a point guard. Coach K is a master at getting the max out of his guys. I'd say he did it again this year.

Jeffrey Sykes

Duke needs a center. That's all they're missing. I actually felt sorry for them as I watched them run their perimeter offense outside the three point line, with their shots clanging off the rim and nary a white jersey in sight to get a rebound.

Jeffrey Sykes

The article makes a good point about K. spending the last three summers with USA Basketball instead of on the recruiting trail.

Danny Wright

Duke's got a center coming next year who will eventually be mentioned in the same vein as Williams and Brand. Mason Plumlee. A very different player from his older brother.


I'm sure Wojo will turn him into an All American. How are his point guard skills?

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