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Mar 15, 2009


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As Calvin's dad always says: "It builds character."
Thanks for a column that asks us to count our blessings and enjoy the simple things in life - even though it will be easier once the rain clears out this week.


Ish: This just in:

Blessings will be taxed in the Obamanation in the Bushworld already in flames. The blessing tax will be used to fund AHDOW(Anti-Hatred Divestiture of Wealth).

The simple things in life have not been left unexamined as a source of revenue themselves. The new STIL tax will fund NOGO(National Offices of Government Obfuscation).


And people aren't seen as revenue streams by private industry? Holy Golden Parachute, Batman!
We have met the enemy and it is......well, so much for that.


Ed, all the song lyrics reminded me of you singing a few years ago... I always meant to ask you what you did with the money your momma gave you for singing lessons?

"Nothing could be finer than to be in Car..."

Robbie Perkins

Ed, well timed. I especially liked the reminder about dogs. You gave me the push to walk Raleigh four miles in the rain-and the hardest step was the first one out the door. The rest was a pleasure.

Ian McDowell

High Point Road and the strip malls off it on Farmington Road are turning into our own Little Saigon, as far as Vietnamese food goes, and that's a good thing. I've mentioned this before, but an ex of mine who visited from LA in 2002 was astounded by the quality of Vietnamese (and Mexican) food here.

Had a somewhat less pleasant experience last night at the new Vietnamese place on Battleground (in the spot where Pho Ha was) that Bachelor raved about in the N&R. Food was good, and not terribly expensive despite the upscale atmosphere, but the wait was hellacious. And I don't just mean the wait to be seats; it was at least forty minutes between sitting down and getting our appetizer. The waitress was really nice and they made amends with free dessert (lots of fancy French inspired stuff on the dessert menu), but it does suggest they need to iron out some kinks.


" Perspective. Times have been bad before, they don’t stay bad forever. " ED CONE
You are so right Ed! I have seen some times worse than this; I can remember living in a van and traveling all over the east coast; wherever there was work to be done. Hardly had a dime to spare,and it was some of the best times of my life. That was during the recession of '81-'82.


Do you remember eating frozen hot dogs at that place out in Altamahaw because we couldn't afford a way to cook them?

Oh, wait, maybe we were just too drunk to care. ;-)


I used to have a tiny TV and lived with no air conditioning but always ate well (I'm a good cook) because good food = civilization.

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