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Feb 01, 2009


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Ben Holder

"My newspaper column is about the four young men who started the Greensboro Sit-ins 49 years ago today, and the way they did what they did."

It is wonderful to have Ed Cone breaking down "why they did what they did" because without his explanation many of us would have never fully understood.

God bless you, Ed Cone.

Ed Cone

Thanks for the kind words, Ben.

Speaking with the three surviving members of the GSO 4 allowed me to focus on aspects of their story that were of particular interest to me. It's always good to hear that readers find the approach I've taken to be valuable.

John D. Young

Thanks for your fine column today. Your choice to emphasize the non-violent nature of the Sit-ins in Greensboro was insightful and a helpful reminder to our community. The individuals involved at the Woolworth Sit-ins and their choice of non-violence shows us a road to successful social change without guns and a violent outcome.

The T&R commission never, with any detail, waded into the important history of the choices that are made as an event is organized. The non-violent nature of the Sit-ins required planning and commitment. Nov. 3rd on the other hand was created from a very different cloth and with no commitment to a non-violent outcome.

Britt Whitmire

Well, I liked it and it shed some light on the events to me. Maybe you could have worked Ric Flair into it and THAT would have satisfied Ben a little.

Ed Cone

JDY, I hope the Civil Rights Museum devotes ample resources to the story of non-violence and its importance to the movement, and to events in Greensboro.

Ben Holder


I think you may be confused. The Greensboro four have nothing to do with Ric Flair. Were you thinking of the figure four?


Impressive act. One of the midwestern sit-ins briefly mentioned in the article may have been the Dockum drug store sit in here in Wichita two years early that no one seems to remember.



What a wonderful story. What a wonderful lesson they can teach all of us today. While I learned of the importance of this event growing up, never have I heard or read about how these four brave young men planned it to be a non-violent protest. The fear they must have had is something most of us cannot imagine. The courage is something most of us can only hope we have within us as well.

Ben Ledbetter

That was a wonderful story. I felt like I was able to know a little more about the actual people involved in the sit-ins. The story of events always seem to be widely known, but I feel my understanding is better when I know more about the people involved.

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