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Jan 14, 2009


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David Wharton

Americans are finally doing all that stuff that our critics have been telling us we ought to do for decades: drive less, buy smaller houses, save more, and turn our backs on rampant consumerism.

Can't wait to hear our praises sung for this in Europe and Asia!

Ed Cone

Many of the people who've been saying it are Americans.

It used to be an important part of our culture.

I'd like to see our economy rebuild without returning to debt-addiction and rampant consumerism.


I'm not so sure what we are doing:

Nobody Wants Small Cars

I reported on it last week in How Quickly We Forget, but the Houston Chronicle yesterday reiterated the point the people are reverting to bad habits:

GM exec complains 'nobody wants' small cars now

David Wharton

Ed, you know I'm for that stuff too.

I just don't expect our critics to like us any better if we actually do it. They've always found reasons to look down on us, and they always will.

Its nothing you can do about
It was there where you came out
Its a special lack of grace
I can see it in your face
I can see by what you carry that you come from Barrytown

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