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Jan 02, 2009


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Audio and video take time to consume, and aren't always easy to access.

Or is just plain not preferable for a whole host of reasons.

Big L

If the press still did their job, Easley wouldn't be in a position to whine, as he'd either be out of office and/or sitting in a jail cell, for the Italy stunt and the massive raise for his idiot wife. But, like all liberals, he can dish it out but can't even come close to taking it.

Needless to say, I fully expect the liberal press to bend over backwards for Perdue when she cluelessly bumbles her way from one disaster to another.

Someone tell Pat McCrory not to give up. In four years, this state will be screaming for his solid leadership, while the nation begs Sarah Palin to graciously take the presidency. That is, if there is anything left for those two to govern.


"while the nation begs Sarah Palin to graciously take the presidency"

If anyone is still wondering whether BigL is real or parody, this line should resolve all doubt.

Big L

Again, to try and discredit someone, deny their very humanity of existance. Liberal playbook 101. Do it with God, do it with others.

After 4 years of King Hussein rule, anyone with common sense will be begging for someone like Palin to take charge. Anyone who isn't completely and totally brainwashed, that is. But the good thing about that is they'll easily identify themselves and can be dealt with.

Palin '12.

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