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Jan 07, 2009


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David Wharton

Any word on the Commencement House?


Would anyone mind if I changed my name to Phuc yutu?


I guess I'm just phuced


it shickles the tit outta me that the Vietnamese contingent in the community is getting involved in the politics once reserved for uppity white do-gooders. what did it take? 40 years? I would like to personally welcome the Phuc family to GSO and this blog


We're actually Thai, thank you. I'd like you to meet my daughter, Phuc Inay

cod bliss ewe awl

ah..the Thai contingent..a thousand pardons..you dog-eaters all look alike to me..go 3 car and WTGDMFSWJD


aaaaahhhhhhhsssoooooooo...the high end town homes, as opposed to the low end town homes which end up being ghettos for daytraders. As long as we uberrich liberals are protected from the class we are constantly trying to make amends to, by heaping upon them the assets of the class between us, proceed with our blessings.


I lack the ethnic radar to tell a Thai Phuc from a Vietnamese Phuc. Please excuse my ignorance. My son would like to meet Inay.

Ed Cone

DW, the report says Commencement House would be moved or destroyed in the current plan.

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