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Jan 14, 2009


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2008 killed a number of local restaurants, including the J&S Cafeteria at Quaker Village. When a cafeteria -- and not another white-linen tablecloth joint -- goes under, that's sobering. Those of us who treasure Greensboro's restaurant scene -- including the great Asian and Mexican places -- need to keep dining out when we can, as long as we can. Every blue-plate special counts.

Mad Dog

I thought J&S left Quaker Village due to lease negotiations like several other merchants. Every time I went to J&S they were packed. Also, isn't their plan to build at another location, closer to High Point?


Ian McDowell

I've been wondering about the effect on downtown night life. The last few times I've been on Elm Street after dark (usually en route to somewhere else), it's seemed dead, dead, dead. And not just since it's gotten cold, but back in the balmier parts of Fall, too.

Tony Plutonium

My brother-in-law delivers to restaurants around the Triangle and the feedback is that weekends are still okay, but weeknight traffic is WAY down. Their orders have been cut back substantially.

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