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Dec 16, 2008


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Can this guy not even get the correct house in his picture?

Rob Johnston

I was born at Cone Hospital in 1963, and grew up in Irving Park, just a few blocks from where I now live. Consequently, I have a pretty good historical referrence from which to judge street traffic - which has increased exponentially (particulaly on Elm and Cornwallis). My son and his friends ride their bikes in the neighborhood and eat at Brown Gardner (and other restaurants) as I once did - and I worry every time they do. While one can argue that the proposed development is a positive step against urban sprawl, traffic within the area is already a problem.

I am also a commercial real estate investor and "sometime" developer. My family and I have developed, re-developed and renovated over 300,000sf of commercial real estate within a mile or two of the develpment in question. For all those properties, we have never had to file for re-zoning ever. I beieve that when-ever and where-ever possible, we need to keep commercial development contained within our existing commercial areas and preserve our neighborhoods.

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