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Dec 24, 2008


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It's kinda like being deleted from someone's blogroll.


I can think of worse things to do to my friends or my "friends."

To me, a friend is someone I trust not to leak my business plan even though I know he could probably be more successful at doing it than I might ever be. I can't say that for all of my "Facebook friends."

Thanks Friend.

By the way, it's going well so far.

David Wharton

I've unfriended a number of people and been defriended myself as my use of the medium changes. I don't use it for career networking ... just to share information with people that I actually like and care about.

What's more interesting to me is a Facebook ethic of privacy that exists among teens who have hundreds of "friends."

My kids tell me it's rude or creepy to read everything that's written on other people's walls, even though it's posted publicly. "Even though you have a right to read it, you shouldn't," they tell me.

I reminds me of the (reputed) Japanese attitude toward public bathing: "nudity is often seen, but never noticed."


Hey, this cyberspace thing is getting complicated - just like REAL life !!

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