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Dec 28, 2008


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That's some very admirable work Mr.Brown is doing.

I should think giving monetary support would ensure his work continues. Maybe getting 501(c)3 status would be progress in the support direction.


thanks Ed, there has been some interesting e-mails this morning on my work. It seems like the last answer to me trying to get High Point to open up their meetings and start video taping them will be a uphill battle to say the least.

Also Protest Petitions will start to get hot and heavy in January building up to January 21, 2009 where we will need as many people as possible to be there in support of this issue.

I would like to thank all the people from the beginning who first said you better get a blog, and write about it. It has been a long year on this issue and me transposing articles into TRIADWATCH.

Have a Happy New Year.



my monetary gain is to see the citizens of Greensboro get back this right to a Protest Petition that was taken away from them for no reason whatsoever.


@ keith

That's great !

But ... you're bringing a knife to a gunfight ... it seems from my limited perspective.

I believe watchdog institutions/businesses bring artillery to the fight ;)


a little sniper fire now and then don't hurt.


Nope !!


When you're ready to do the 501 thing like RBM suggested my wallet is open. Not that there's much in it but open just the same.


Billy you are too kind, would have to do some research on that avenue. Thanks for your help on issues. Need you to come to Greensboro City Council chambers on January 21, 2009

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