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Dec 09, 2008


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And where is the similar oversight for the banks that are getting far more taxpayer money?


@ eric

I think you answered your own question, Heh.

To justcorbly - wherever he/she/it is: Getting closer and closer to relevancy - this may be a first !

Beau D. Jackson

The plan, which Congress is likely to consider later this week, would give the government authority over major decisions by the automakers. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler would have to report progress to Congress regularly and come up with a long-term restructuring plans by March 31." Who would have guessed that one of GW Bush's primary legacies would be American socialism?

HELLO ED! You have a Democratic Congress that's coming up with this crappy Chinese fire drill, from what I see, hear, and the spoken word, many many Republican's are not on board with this, nor am I, chapter 11 for me, and the cry "nobody will buy a car from a bankrupt co. is pure crapola," people will continue to stick with their all time favorite brand." WWED! Instead of being an armchair critic lets hear your cure for this debacle! Beau


And to think that liberals were all worried about some fictional right wing theocracy under Bush.


If the big three go Chap 11 does this not mean that they force the close of many suppliers? If so, how does this make sense?

Ian McDowell

Beau, you've outdone yourself this time, unnecessarily reposting Ed's entire blog entry without any typographical indication that you're quoting him. Are you sure you're not a Freshman Composition student at A&T?

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