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Dec 01, 2008


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Roger Greene

If history is any indicator Perkins will not recuse himself. When one or more of his firm were working with the Winstead group that was rezoning the old Friendly Road Inn property he didn't see fit to do so. They even re-voted on the issue after a prior vote because they didn't get the desired result the first time. Perkins was absent for the first vote. My guess is the same old song and dance will be played by the same players. Matheny may bow to enough pressure. However, if it looks like the council is going to favor it, I bet he will too.

Follow the campaign donations. If Windsor has donated to any of the council members they'll not only not recuse themselves, though they should, they'll jump through all sorts of hoops to concoct a rationale as to why this project is great for Greensboro and we need more of it not less.


if it was me I would make them do another traffic impact analysis from Davenport and Company who if you got the money we have the traffic count to help your cause.

The traffic count was done back in Jan 31 of 2007 and that was for 2 banks and drive throughs, are they trying to pawn that off as relevant to this rezoning?

Who knows but it looks odd to see a traffic count from 2007 on a rezoning case for late 2008

Greensboro treasured places has the case on his blog

John The Catholic

I have a question: how does Robbie Perkins keep getting re-elected? This man is a walking, talking conflict of interest.

People in Perkins' district: why do you keep sending this guy back to the City Council? Do you realize that Robbie Perkins has never met a zoning law he thought he couldn't circumvent, nor a vacant lot he didn't salivate over?

You people are being hoodwinked. You're being bamboozled. For the love of God, wake up and in the next election send this guy back to Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.


If we just went ahead and tore down every house in Greensboro that is over 50 years old we wouldn't have this problem.


john: robbie perkins has stripped mined or strip malled what is left of Mr Rogers old neighborhood. Keep your love of God to yourself.

Ed Cone

JTC, Robbie doesn't have a district, he's elected at large. Why does he get elected? Because he's smart and knowledgeable, and comes across as a leader. And, at this point, he's got name recognition.

Shame about the conflict of interest thing, though.


How does Perkins get elected? A required portion of the herd considers him electable. How does he get re-elected? A portion of the herd acknowledges his illusion of competence. This isn't a knock on Perkins or anyone running for office. They know who votes and appeal to that percentage of the herd who have a model that serves the agenda of the electable. Why would anyone participate in a conditioning technique by which people are trained as they train their pets, to be rewarded with token wafers from a priestly class as they sit up and beg like obedient supplicants? Why do tops in markets and manias always occur when novices and expert fund managers have the highest percentage of capital at risk? Politics, religion and markets are reptile brain functions. The ones who exploit those systems best are the ones who package conclusions to people who are too lazy to complete their own independent inquiry. It creates a class in each undiscipline which allows a small section of society to live off the labor and efforts of a much larger, prudent and industrious segment. These are the priestly class, politicians and financial experts, aka guys with ties or some other symbol around their neck. The exploiters cause comes from their desire to make their life more effortless at the expense of the efforts of someone else. They know they can do this because most humans verify images of themselves by impressing their image upon others. These are not new stupid human tricks, just very exploitive and uncomfortable to observe. You already know in the back of your human brain that a human who seeks power over other humans is missing some ingredient. The reptile brain pulls the lever or pushes the button on the screen anyway. Look at it this way. Perkins may be the most harmless creation of an amygdala function.

Ed's Mom

Hope many of you will come to commission meeting at 2pm Monday. This has been a bit of a stealth offensive--late notice just at Thanksgiving and a hearing set for an inconvenient time. Yes, the traffic assessment seems ludicrous, particularly since they are talking about parking for 162 cars. And, by the way, there is a school directly across the street which creates a lot of traffic twice a day, not to mention concern for the kids and parents. There is a lot of commercial space very nearby that needs to be filled, and some of it (one example, the former Eckerd/RiteAid buiilding on Elm) already has a lot of parking space. There are many other spaces--in Golden Gate, on State Street, etc. Not to mention a whole empty shopping center on Church north of Cone, near other medical buildings. The rezoning for the bank was the camel getting its nose into the tent. Thought we were against greed these days. Right. For transparency: I live near the proposed rezoning. A lot more people would be affected than those living or going to school in the area, though. I did not vote for any developers nor will I unless we get a genuine hero. I'm pretty old, so that probably won't happen in my lifetime.


Ed's Mom: may you outlive your tormentors.


"I'm pretty old, so that probably won't happen in my lifetime." - Ed's Mom

I don't know that he'd be my hero, but how about your son?

Ed Cone

I believe the hero factor is advanced as an offset to the liability of being a developer; that is, only a truly heroic person who worked as a developer would earn her vote.

As I'm neither a hero nor a developer, it would not apply to me.


Anyone who has the gumption to put their thoughts and opinions on paper(with their real name) and subject them to scorn and ridicule is more than a hero. They are a "man without honor in a savage land........PALADIN!!!!!

David Wharton

I voted for Robbie because I think he understands the role of urban planning as well or better than anyone else on the Council, and he has supported things that I think are good for our city -- for example, Southside, downtown development, the downtown Greenway, downtown design regulations, pedestrian overlay zoning, historic preservation zoning, and neighborhood preservation zoning, to name just a few.

I'm pretty sure that he would vote in favor of tighter zoning laws to hold developers to higher standards, but it would be hard to get five votes for those. I doubt they'd be supported by our non-developer representatives Wade, Rakestraw, or Barber, not to mention Matheny.

I agree, however, that his business interests are a liability, and its in the nature of his business that he's proposed or supported some not-great projects. I agree that he should recuse himself on any votes where there's evidence of a conflict of interest.

And yes, Keith, I do support the protest petition, and think it would be very useful in this situation!


David Wharton we need to talk because now on January 21, 2009 we will be stating our case to the Greensboro City Council and would love your support please e-mail me and we can talk. WOW that is great news to me because you and I were back and forth on this issue at the beginning in february 2008 just look at ed's section devoted to protest petitions

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