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Dec 26, 2008


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Is it a quaint notion, or just me, that recycling is a luxury (per the quote in the article) but having some place to dispense of our waste products for little to no cost is not seen as a luxury? Might seem as a luxury if it started piling up on our properties and we couldn't make it go away to some place (Mt. Gilead) where we can't see it.


I'm not parting with my ewaste until someone proves to me it won't end up in China being dismantled by workers made sick from exposure.

Patrick Eakes

Luckily, Greensboro is doing its part to reduce recycling by going to biweekly pick up. We come close to fill our recycling can weekly, so you can guess where the recyclables go every other week.

A Khomeni

a campaign and inauguration which will leave a 14eee carbon footprint. no..more like a wet prune poot stain in white silk underwear..when Ben Franklin said to "fart proudly", I don't think he had this in mind.


It takes me a month to fill up my trash container...seems awful wasteful to go around spending gas in those gas trucks picking up empty trash containers...maybe they should switch recycling to weekly and trash to every other week.

Ed Cone

Our family of four fills up the trash bin every week and needed to purchase a second recycling bin when the collection went fortnightly.


The writers of these articles and opponents of recycling need to be reminded that raw materials are also piling up or simply aren't being produced due to the same factors that are hurting the recycling industry.

And I have to wonder about the article you linked to. $240.oo in frieght for a truckload from NC to PA? Maybe in 1966 but today's trailerload rates are over $3.oo per mile. Does nobody in journalism do math?

Why didn't SONOCO sell the cans locally? Or at least in-state? I admit the current market is low but I'm still managing to sell trailer loads of scrap metals-- not several loads a day like last summer but still several a week-- and I'm not paying to get rid of them I'm paying to get them. Here's a note to SONOCO in Raleigh: Call your center in Greensboro and ask for the name and telephone number of the metals recycler across the street-- I'll be happy to buy your cans.

Something is wrong with either the facts presented by the N&O or the facts as represented by SONOCO.

cod bliss ewe awl

FACTOID: for the year 2007, 3.5 million metric tons of guilt were removed from the bleeding liberal consciences of GSO dogooders by recycling perfectly good trash. That guilt found its way into the already saturated souls of cathlicks and jewish mothers. Now look what you've done. I hope you're happy.


i'm sittin on about 4500 stolen mccain/palin signs with one machete slash in each. are they recyclable? I wanna be a good citizen.



Please post any update you get on this. I got a suspicion how the narrative goes but why speculate - when facts can be had !


(AP). A recent recycling law in Texas requires that you throw the empty liquor, wine or malt liquor bottle into the air and shoot it immediately after the bottle has been emptied. In the interest of public safety, the bottle cannot be shot at with a fully automatic weapon or on the way down. This has removed over 12 metric tons of glass from Louisiana, Oklamhoma and the Rio Grande.

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