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Dec 30, 2008


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But the surge is a success.

cod bliss ewe awl

if Pakshan took the time to look under the berkas of dead females in Chaostan, she would discover that more mutilation of the female genitalia has been caused by the ordnances used by their oppressors and the current surge ho liberators, who armed their former oppressors, than all the well intentioned zealots in Amerika's newest colonies. Does she not know that the chosen people mutilate only the males? as a covenant they stole from the pagan Egyptians of all things?and the rest of world..the unchosen and nonchosen mutilate for pleasure and to appease the mythical god of the chosen? No one threw a shoe at her? No post-free-speech torture? Lex is right...the surge is working.


it must be time to go Gaza on the goyim and show them why they were nonchosen. let us prey

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