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Dec 23, 2008


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Not-so-hidden costs link has a 800 lb. gorilla, whereas this link has an elephant (in the room): fossil fuel depletion.

For background, see world's 3rd largest oil field Cantarell down 33%. Pemex production (Mexico) down 6.5%. I don't know what our import number from Mexico is now, but it sure isn't 17% like a few months ago.

Big L

2008 will be seen as the year America attempted suicide. The housing crisis, auto bailout, banking bailout, and the rise of King Hussein to the throne.

Right now it remains to be seen if the self-inflected wound is just flesh, or fatal.

While you look at the absence of presents under the tree, if there even is a tree, ask yourselves: are you proud of what you have done? Or will it be once King Hussein's taxes mean there are no birthday presents as well?


Big L,
You need only remember that the rise of "King Hussein" was only made possible by the multitude of failings made by Emperor Bush and his wacko supporters.

Thank you for supporting "king Hussein's" rise to power.

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