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Dec 28, 2008


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"The ripple effect on real estate could be profound -- think of all the empty space in Greensboro, then imagine a dramatic increase."

Maybe then the Bobbleheads and the Perkinites will go play is someone else's sandbox and quit leaving turds in ours.

Sorry, I can't help but see the silver lining...


I have friends and family working for VF and what I understand from them; VF is just trimming some "fat".
Some people are not being productive and are not needed in today's economic environment.

different in its aftermath

From the NYT:

“Right now, we are all focusing on how bad it is,” he (Jeffrey Otteau) said, “but what we are also seeing is a historic reversal of home-buying demand away form suburban and rural areas to cities inner ring suburbs that are more walkable than drivable.”

“In 1985“ he said, “50 percent of households had children at home. In 2000, that was down to 33 percent. Today, it s 29 percent, headed to 25 percent . . . And that means that three out of four home buyers will have no interest in a house in the suburbs with a good school system, which pretty much what we’ve created over the last 50 years.” Mr. Otteau cited new study from Virginia Tech, projecting that a nationwide surplus of 22 million suburban homes on lots larger than a sixth of an acre will be languishing on the market by 2025.


Why doesn't the Junta-elect hire published people who predicted this instead of a group that voted with Bush and the best Congress money can buy 90% of the time? I'm the village idiot where I live but this is the first thing I would do.


Could retail malls become the new walkable communities ?

What else can be done with the resultant emptied commercial real estate as retail closes shop ?

David Wharton

What else can be done with the resultant emptied commercial real estate as retail closes shop?

RBM: here are a few ideas.

chucka New Bern NC and GSO NC(both devolving), empty mall space has become municipal services space, including police departments. The downtown areas remain a langusihing wilderness for the domestically challenged(homeless destructive class) and the people who are very shallow deep down(heavily mortgaged creative class). Both cities have (mis)managed to give failure a bad name. If Nathaniel Green(the killingest Quaker until Nixon) were alive today, he'd turn over in his grave.

Jim Buie

I'm not sure I accept the widely reported assumption that "we are now in the grip of what will almost certainly be the longest, if not the worst, recession since the end of World War II." Maybe it's because I'm old enough to remember the recession of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when unemployment and inflation were at double-digit levels, and homelessness increased dramatically. There are numerous UPSIDES to the current economic recession. Here's my list. Not to minimize the pain and suffering -- as a society, we have to address it -- but I bet you guys can think of even more upsides and "necessary losses."


Interest rates were double digits too! A neighbor in my office building can get you a 4.75% 30 year if you hang around his office all day.


the largest downside is the same fiscal policy makers and counterfeiters are either still in office, have higher offices or are lobbyists in the new junta. when money supply increases 60% in 3 years it's not to going to help the paltry savings of the few who did. It debases everything stored, saved or hidden. Even the cleverest investors are waiting for the safest asset class to emerge. Everything will depend on velocity. Between now and January 20th, the planet is waiting for the 3rd and 4th shoe to drop, as the first 2 became a global metaphor. The Fed can stimulate credit until its wobbly squeaky wheels come off, but they cannot demand that banks loan or force consumers to assume more debt.


Let's see, changes in finance, real estate and retail... What industry depends almost entirely on those three? Media. Since the bulk of the business for those three are local, the most affected will be local media, and it is here that I think Jim Buie's perspective may come to fruition, especially his expectation that "Entrepreneurs with products or services that promote economic efficiency or that reduce long-term organizational costs should be able to grow in this economy."


@ David Wharton

Nice idea's.

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