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Dec 22, 2008


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“We’re seeing a more statist world economy,” says Ken Rogoff, ... “That’s not good for growth in the longer run.”

Rhetorical Q. - Exactly why is growth the all-important element to modern US life ?


growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. ~edward abbey


Good for edward abbey ! some monkeys are obviously smarter than others ;)

Since shopping is intrinsic to growth this is apropos:

Your brain on shopping

In the hot field of neuroeconomics, MRI scans have turned up heightened activity in deep, primitive areas of the brain as subjects shop. The nucleus accumbens, a seat of pleasure, lights up when they are contemplating a purchase, and the insula, a seat of disgust and pain, lights upwhen they are thinking about how much that purchase is going to cost.

For all the embattled shoppers of the hoildays - Yeah !

David Boyd

Compounding doesn't work without growth.


Isn't accelerating growth the basis for a successful Ponzi scheme?


This is as good an opportunity as any to remark that "The Club For Growth" always makes me think of a hair-loss remedy or male-enhancement product. Either of which is as good a metaphor for late capitalism as I can think of.


Without macro economic growth you do not have broad opportunities for micro economic growth. At zero macro growth, it becomes a zero sum game. For individual A to improve his economic situation, some other individual must suffer an economic decine.

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