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Dec 25, 2008


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"Obviously knowing each other is no panacea. But it can be a start."

Ed--some refer to you as a "wordsmith", and I think that is meant as a compliment. To me, it does not do you justice. This post this morning is one that comes from a thoughtful, clever, and reflective mind who seems to ponder many different points of you before writing on his blog.

As a daily reader, but infrequent participant in your comments section, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the sharing and energy you put into your blog. I am grateful.

And I do agree with you--"knowing {or meeting} each other is no pancea. But it can be a start." A powerful start. And the exception that proves this rule is I have never met/known a Duke fanatic that I could understand on the topic of collegiate athletics---and I always always taught that all powerful rules, need I few exceptions to make them valid.

Peace and health to you and your family in 2009, Mr. Cone.


Thank you, Ed.

Excellent job of wordsmithing.


Friend Cone speaks my mind. Amen.

James Protzman

Best to you, Mr. Cone. Thanks for this inspiring post. May the year ahead be a mellow merging of left and right, with the common good in mind.

I will complete my second novel in 2009! Here's to wordsmithing, indeed!


Emphasis added:

PORTLAND, Maine -- Community suppers were held across Maine on Christmas to provide the less fortunate with a warm meal and some holiday cheer.

The Wayside Soup Kitchen in Portland served traditional fare such as roast beef and mashed potatoes.

Many of the volunteers who helped run the event were members of Portland's Jewish and Muslim communities. They said they were motivated by the desire to give their Christian friends a break for the holidays.


This makes more sense than anything I have ever read in the Huffington Post.

"It's just plain sad what the gay and lesbian movement has come to..."

[comment edited to remove cut-and-paste of entire copyrighted article]

Ed Cone

Some thoughts on the subject from some time ago.


Can you let me know if this worked and then delete?

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