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Dec 29, 2008


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Dole went down with the Bush Rapture Mothership strapped to her blond party merkin. She supported the troops but like everyone else who has a personal bunker, could not convince anyone of what the troops were supporting.

Tony Wilkins

Dole did set a good example of how not to run a campaign. I got the impression that she didn't listen to her ground troops.
Hagan doesn't win any awards for her campaign either.
In the end the Obama tidal wave wins.
You might consider upping your criteria for a hero if you consider Basnight, er I mean, Hagan, your hero. Did she really say she balanced the budget?
Happy New Year to you Mr. Cone.
Beelze, I'm considering opening an upscale merkin store in Friendly Shopping Center called "Hirsute R Us". Want to invest?


"Dole did set a good example of how not to run a campaign."

Actually, she set a good example of how not to be a good Senator. Her actual performance on the Senate floor was a combination of feel-good commemorations of sweet potatoes and sports victories, interspersed with the occasional outright attack on the lower and middle classes of our country and our state. If I had five dollars for every time I said, "What the fuck!" while studying her record, I could retire nicely right now.

They Call Me Jim

There were three things that did Elizabeth Dole in. And they have absolutely nothing to do with Obama's coattails, but illustrate how a poorly run campaign can cost you an election:

--Running negative campaign advertisements against Kay Hagan about supposedly owning oil wells, when newspapers later revealed that Dole herself owned a large fortune in oil stocks. It made her look like a rich person who didn't even realize what her own assets included (like McCain's comment about not knowing how many houses he owned).

--The revelation that Dole actually spent as little as 13 days or so in North Carolina during one year while serving as Senator and that her husband is still registered to vote in Kansas. To some, it made her look like less of a North Carolinian and more of an opportunist.

--The final straw: Dole's infamous "Godless" campaign advertisement, especially the running of someone else's voice with Hagan's photo on the screen. Sadly, for Dole, this 30 second commercial tainted her long career in public service and made her look like a "win at all costs" politician who is willing to blatantly lie.

As we've seen with other politicians, voters will sometimes put up with ineffectiveness in office, disagreement on certain issues, and even negative campaigning.

But Dole's campaign managers (or herself, but I doubt it) made very poor decisions in running these hypocritical and outright deceiving advertisements that turned off a lot of voters. I think it also revealed that she herself was not capable of running her own campaign or choosing the right people to run it, ergo, she was not capable of serving as Senator any longer.

Hagan ran a decent campaign, but I know a lot of people who actually said they weren't voting so much for Hagan, as much as they were voting against Dole, especially after the "Godless" fiasco.


Tony: This would have to be done online, or we would get too many guys like you-know-who, who hangs around Victoria's Secret smelling the inventory, while customers are trying it on.

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