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Dec 19, 2008


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i hate to lower the bar here...but the story refers to her as a "relief defendant"....meaning she wont be charged with wrongdoing but the SEC can go after her money. Relief defendant.....indeed


I'm sorry, did you write something? I think I missed it.


Is that a zipper over her right jug?

Ian McDowell

I suppose I'd think she was reasonably attractive if I met her in person, but as a pin-up she does nothing for me. Too skinny, too generic looking, despite being a brunette with "exotic" features, something I normally like. Spag, you and I have a mutual friend (and in your case, former client) whom I think is MUCH hotter.

For the record, with a couple of notable exceptions (especially my and Spag's mutual friend and one brunette who keeps popping up in the Schmoozefest photos), the "hot" women featured in various Rhino photospreads pimping for their downtown advertisers do little for me, either.

This doesn't mean that I'm incapable of responding to an objectified pin-up in the prescribed horndog manner. Put Monica Bellucci, Salma Hayak, Kari from MYTHBUSTERS, Joan from MAD MEN or many of Bollywood's leading ladies in that outfit and my response would be somewhere between "Yowza" and "if yah want me, I'll be in mah bunk," but the woman in that photo? Nah, not so much.

Ed Cone

Thanks for sharing, Ian.

She looks lovely in her Facebook photo.

Ian McDowell

Indeed she does, as she looks like a real person in it instead of a generic pin-up. As for the "if ya want me . . ." quip, that's a much-quoted line from Adam Baldwin's Jayne on Joss Whedon's FIREFLY. I wasn't so much being a perv as a geek (not that the two are in any way mutually exclusive).


Ian, I disagree with you on the first part and agree to an extent on the second part. There is a reason they call them "pin-ups", and yeah our friend could have been one.

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