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Dec 18, 2008


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the little writing in Witt's column is too small for the GStapO to read. Maybe if it were enlarged, then burned into the eyelids of the GStapO members, they could read it...or...about 10k show up with flaming fagots and pitchforks and compel them read it aloud. But you guys have a booksigning to go to.


County Attorney resignation just announced as well.

Let me get this straight. We are headed into the upcoming year, which promises to be one of the most turbulent in recent memory, with three of our most senior leadership positions vacant or with an interim title. Great time to be shaking things up.


Skip didn't like David because David replaced Willie.

Steve didn't like David because Brenda didn't like David and Steve really, really likes Brenda.

Skip didn't like Ben because David hired Ben.

Steve didn't like Ben for the same reason Skip didn't.

Skip and Steve didn't like Sharron because Sharron kissed up to David...alot!

For the record, I never liked Sharron's attitude but she has a nice ass that looks really hot in those tight pants she always wears!

Sharisse, who is now director of HR and special asst to the county mgr, will eventually become county mgr because Skip really, really likes Sharisse.

I wouldn't be suprised to see another director get the axe. Bonnie Stellfox, purchasing dir, always looks like a deer in headlights when she's at the podium during a commish meeting. I don't think Skip or Steve like her very much.

Billy Yow has a hard-on to combine the GC & City of GSO planning depts. Maybe the co-interim directors of planning will go? Plus, with the slow-down in new construction of late, the GC planning dept isn't doing anything now anyway.

The property mgr and the facilites dir are both slackers. Not sure if the commissioners are aware of just how expendable both those guys are but they should be.

The CIO, Barbara Weaver, well...what can I say? She's not like by her employees, not sure to what extent the commissioners are aware of that or if they care.

The budget dir...I wouldn't feel too comfortable if I was him either.

Steve ran his business into the ground even before the housing market decline. Just think what he can do micro managing GC! Maybe he did David, Ben and Sharron a favor?


I was not impressed with either McNeill or Brown the one time I met them, but the new commissioners lack of forthrightness here is the real issue. Something doesn't smell right and I'm not sure the public is paying attention.


"Something doesn't smell right and I'm not sure the public is paying attention."

The public never pays attention until they get slapped in the wallet.


I’m all for the change that Skip and Steve are promoting in Guilford County.

We do need a “change”.

For “true change” to occur, I’m also expecting their resignations as well.

Bob Summer

Skip is a racist, can't change, don't believe it !
...but he also has a lot of AMBITION !!
He has his eye on RALEIGH.... (be with ole buddy)
or... Washington DC !! (what's in Mel's plans???)

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