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Dec 03, 2008


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I can see where some of Gates stances in the previous admin would be agreeable to the new admin.

But due to my anti-empire bias, I'd just as soon see a new body in there - just for the sake of breaking up the status quo as much as possible.


The prisoners that can't be returned to their home countries will have to be released in the US. That's going to be a bit of a problem. I guess they could open a daycare center. Then everyone who trust them could drop their kids there. OK kids todays lesson is......



I am not pointing fingers at you for that post -it's too short for me to pinpoint what your point exactly is ...

But an observation of mine is when a big emotional stick is needed to beat an argument over the head with - and one in context can't be found - the emotional stick used is 'what about the children' or some such variation.


The middle of 2010 sounds like an immediate withdraw to me. sounds like the Bush policy.

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