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Dec 03, 2008


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Mike K.

Just to ensure correct terminology the zoning district is "Limited Office" and not "Light Office" as the City's Office zoning districts are labeled by intensity and impact (limited, moderate and high). This is often confused with the Light Industrial and Heavy Industrial categories for some reason.


I just received this letter from developer Stanhope Johnson:

Dear Neighbor:
last evening we held a neighborhood meeting at which thre was very good attendance. At that meeting, we discussed informally our plans for development with a number of those who attended and, as a result of those discussions we now realize that there are some concerns which we, as the developer, need to address.

Accordingly, we will ask the Greensboro Zoning Commission to continue (postpone) this case for approximately thirty days, until their next meeting in January, so that we can review our plans with our engineers/architects, and hopefully make changes which will help the project become more acceptable to our neighbors....etc.

Ed's Mom

We have been advised that the developers cannot ask for postponement prior to the scheduled meeting. The zoning office strongly suggests that neighbors be present at the scheduled time and place (2 pm Mon., Dec. 8, Melvin Municipal Bldg.)--the change may or may not be granted, the proponents may or may not act. Please come. Thanks.


I wanted everyone to understand that in High Point they have a required meeting with the neighbors most effected with a rezoning case. As I stated it is required. You hear a lot about in Greensboro where it is only voluntary to meet and look at how they never met with the neighborhood till a couple of days ago only about 6 days before the zoning commission meets on this issue. What a sham to the neighbors and not requiring Greensboro to meet with the neighbors is a shame.Below look at weeks 1-3 where there is the citizen informational meeting, this needs to be in Greensboro as well because look at how it was done on this rezoning off of cornwallis and elm.

(OVER) Revised 12-20-07
Below is a general summary of the key steps in the City of High Point zoning process. To help facilitate a smooth process, applicants should work closely with the Planning & Development Department, have a clear and focused development proposal, and start the process early.

Pre-application meeting with Planning & Development Department
(Meeting needs to be held within 3 months of application submittal)
Key issues of discussion:

Detail overview of proposal by applicant.

Overview of process and meeting dates by staff.

Zoning district standards & permitted uses.

Landscaping & Watershed Regulations.

Staff overview of Land Use Plan/Area Plans/Corridor Plans/Overlay Districts.

Staff identification of key issues or concerns.

Transportation issues and determination if a Traffic Impact Analysis is required.

WEEKS 1 to 3
Application Deadline
(43 days prior to Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) meeting)
At a minimum, the application shall include the following:

Fully completed zoning map amendment application, signatures of all property owners and fee.

Fully completed Conditional Use Permit application, if filing for a Conditional Use District.

When required by the City’s policy, a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is required to be submitted with the application. (Depending on the size and intensity of development a TIA may take 4 to 6 weeks to complete).

Conceptual site plan. (This is optional, but it assists staff in reviewing the request. Unlessspecifically offered in a Conditional Use Permit application, site plans are not binding).
Analysis of Application
Within 48 hours of its submittal, an application is reviewed for completeness. Incomplete applications will be returned and maybe re-submitted at a later date. After an application is determined to be complete, the Planning & Development Department will begin reviewing the merits of the application and formulating a recommendation.

WEEKS 1 to 3
Citizen Information Meeting
(22 days prior to P&Z meeting)
This step is only required for zoning requests which include a Conditional Use Permit.
Applicants are required to notify owners of property within 300 feet of the proposed zoning site and conduct a citizen information meeting or meetings. The applicant shall submit to the citizens a written description of their development proposal and a statement, provided by the Planning & Development Department, outlining the purpose of the citizen information meeting and the zoning process. The purpose of the citizen information meeting is to allow the applicant the opportunity to inform citizens about their zoning proposal and to provide citizens the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the proposal prior to the public hearings.
Following the information meeting(s), and at least 22 days prior to the P&Z Commission meeting, the applicant is required to submit a citizen’s information meeting report. At a minimum, this report shall include the following:
Names & addresses of property owners notified and date & method of notification;
Date, time and location of the citizen information meeting(s);
Written description of the development proposal presented at the meeting; and
Any comments, ideas, or suggestions from citizens that were incorporated into the zoning proposal.
If the Citizen Information Meeting Report is not submitted by the required date, the Zoning Application will be considered incomplete and will be removed from that months P&Z agenda.

Changes, Deferral or Withdrawal of an Application
22 days prior to the P&Z meeting, the applicant must submit the following:

Any changes to the zoning application;

Any changes to the proposed Conditional Use Permit;

Citizens information meeting report, if requesting a Conditional Use District; and

A request to withdraw the application or defer it for one month. After this date, any changes to the application or request for withdrawal can only be made at the P&Z or City Council meeting.
WEEKS 5 & 6
1st Public Notification
Two weeks prior to the P&Z meeting, the Planning & Development Department submits its first round of public notifications which informs the public of the upcoming P&Z meeting and agenda items. Public notification of the zoning request includes an ad in the local newspaper, mailed notice to property owners within 300 feet of a site, and posting of public hearing signs on the zoning site.
Agenda and Staff Report Available to the Public
One week prior to the P&Z meeting, the agenda and staff reports are completed and submitted to P&Z Commission members. The agenda and staff reports will be available to the applicant and the public by the Friday prior to the P&Z meeting on the Planning & Development Department Web page at http://www.high-point.net/plan/pzagd.htm
: This process chart should not be construed as all-inclusive. Depending on the scale and complexity of a
request the P&Z Commission and City Council may request additional information and continue the request for
future consideration. For questions, please contact the Planning & Development Department at 883-3328.
Revised 12-20-07
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
The Planning & Zoning Commission holds a public hearing on the request. If the applicant or a representative is not present at the meeting to address questions, the request may be continued to the next P&Z meeting. The applicant and interested members of the public, in favor or in opposition, may address the Commission. The applicant may submit request to change, amend or withdraw the request during the P&Z meeting and the Commission may retain a request for up to 60 days for additional information and consideration.
The Planning & Zoning Commission will submit to City Council a recommendation of approval, approval with amendments, or denial. A recommendation of denial from the P&Z requires a 2/3’s vote of City Council (6 of the 9 Council members) for approval of the request
WEEKS 8 & 9
2nd Public Notification
Two weeks prior to the City Council meeting, the Planning & Development Department submits its second round of public notifications, this time for the upcoming City Council public hearing. Public notification of the zoning request includes a legal ad in the local newspaper, mailed notice to property owners within 300 feet of a site, and posting of public hearing signs on the zoning site.
WEEKS 9 to 11
City Council Meeting
After the P&Z meeting, their recommendation, staff report, and pertinent background information are forwarded to City Council for a final determination on the request. Any new conditions offered by the applicant during the P&Z meeting are incorporated into the proposed Conditional Use Permit. Additional changes to the proposed Conditional Use Permit by the applicant may only be submitted at the Council meeting and shall be submitted in writing to the Planning & Development Department at least 48 hours prior to Council’s final action upon a request.
Zoning requests are heard at the Council’s 2nd Committee of the Whole meeting of the month (3rd Monday of the each month). If the applicant or a representative is not at the meeting to address questions, the request may be continued to another meeting date. City Council will either approve, approve with amendment, or deny a request. In the event a request is denied, no new zoning application for that parcel(s) may be submitted within one year of the date of denial.

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