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Dec 24, 2008


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Let's not equate all SUV's with Excursions and Suburbans. My wife and I both drive vehicles in the SUV category which get mileage equal to a lot of smaller cars. Ever checked out the gas mileage ratings for Mini-Coopers or Jeeps? Not great. It is only in the last couple of years that some level of variety in fuel-efficient autos was being offered. My car is paid for, so I'll be driving it a while longer (an American brand, 90,000 miles without a hiccup, so far). When the time is right, high mileage ratings will be the first priority in my next vehicle.

I'm reminded of a Dave Barry column from a few years back. He noted the inverse relationship between the size of cell phones and SUV's. Barry speculated that one day he'd be run over in a mall parking lot by someone talking into a phone the size of a rice grain while driving a "Chevy Subdivision".


Maybe the car companies should consider using the bail out money to build something other than automobiles? You know, like bicycles, scooters, small displacement motorcycles or any of a thousand other things made in China.

Maybe they should rethink their giant bases of manufacturing and look to models like Dagne and make their products locally and not just nationally.

If nothing else comes out of the last year it should be noted that globalization simply isn't sustainable.


The N-R column's tone was much ummmm nicer ... than some I've read. The most notable of those being James Howard Kunstler ( I won't link his blog, since you wish to keep this site PG-17).

Conspicuous consumption nails it on the head. It's a specific symptom to a generally wasteful culture ATM.

@ Thomas

Let's not equate all SUV's Excursions and Suburbans

Yes let's.

Let's get real - what mileage is great in your view ? To stay in the fossil fuel 'box' I'd say 'great' is not less that 200.

@ RecycleBill

You are a head of the curve, that's all. It's coming - see [url=]Cantarell, The Third Largest Oil Field in the World Is Dying[/url].

There is a tremendous amount of embodied energy in the 21 century world.

It may take a decade to fully unwind.


RBM: There is potential in human energy, please pardon the pun. As it exists, government confiscates about 60% of potential human energy every year in the most promising nations. In this country most human energy is wasted by a process called the injection effect, a process used in Business Cycle Management. The way I explain it to my children and minions is by using Richard Maybury's version of the Fable of the Frog. - Once upon a time there was a frog who noticed his fellow frogs were being devoured by a snake. He fearfully went to a wise old owl and asked him what he should do. The owl said, "When the snake comes near, fly away." The frog thanked the owl for his sage advice and hopped away. A few days later the snake came. As the frog was disappearing down the snake's throat, he heard the owl say, "Sorry, I only deal with theory, not reality."


Where do I get me one of them 200 mph cars? Which way to the theoretical car dealership?


@ Thomas

I reiterate

what mileage is great in your view ?

If I could buy a 200 m/g vehicle it might, might make economic sense to get rid of the '95 S10 that gets me about 20 m/g. But it might not cause it also depends on $/g of fuel.

So, you think gas is going to stay CHEAP ?


Edit link:

Cantarell, The Third Largest Oil Field in the World Is Dying

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