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Dec 07, 2008


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and by the article it also looks like looks like King Zoning Stud Lawyer Henry Isaacson is in charge of this one. Well the big gun is on the case , let's see how much influence he will have on this one to pass city council.

It is going to be a tough battle with the most connected lawyer in town . Have fun with this one because there are a lot of angles to this case that are very interesting especially the non notification of a neighborhood meeting only a week before the zoning commission, that was sad on their part.

You can also add that this case would have been a prime example of creeping into a established neighborhood and how every other city has the right to use protest petition and this case would have probably been a good example of using it .

As David Wharton, Mr. Urbanity has stated"And yes, Keith, I do support the protest petition, and think it would be very useful in this situation!"

Thank You Mr. Wharton

Ed Cone

Henry is talented, experienced, and well-connected, but he's not invincible.

He's got some formidable opposition this time.

Roger Greene

Yep, it looks like they're up against big money vs their big money. My money is on the big money.

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