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Dec 26, 2008


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With DHL Worldwide closing operations in the USA next month have any impact on the demand for both UPS and Fed Ex.

It seems to me once DHL is out of way that the duopoly of the 2 will make prices even higher and demand still there.

Just a thought.

Jay Ovittore

My first thought is that the state has a budget shortfall. The state promised $115 million in incentives to Fed Ex and Fed Ex promised between 700-800 jobs. If they are cutting the jobs by half the incentive should be cut by half as well! An extra $57 million in the budget could help a lot right now.

A Khomeni

fedex building will end up being an indooor waterpark, sans the water. It will go the way of Royal Villa and Carolina Circle Mall. only noisier


If its closed... it wont be noisy now will it?

cod bliss ewe awl

I agree with A Khomeni. Unless of course Fedup gets the contract for delivering unemployment checks, foreclosure notices, eviction notices, bankruptcy notices and global warming home remedy kits.

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