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Dec 20, 2008


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Execution is personally of import to me as I would like to be employed in an industry that deals with the energy waste of existing building stock.

They have ideas which they have put into a plan which is being addressed by an organization:

The 2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan

I am cautiously hopeful that execution could amount to a step toward improvement.


Let's see. The Democrats traditionally win in the Northeast and the Left coast. The GOP wins the rest of America. But the GOP risks becoming a REGIONAL party? It's the other way around. Making such a statement based on one election is foolish.

Ed Cone

Two elections, actually, and the near-total disappearance of the GOP from the NE as the Dems make incursions elsewhere. But of course it's premature, hence the phrase "risks becoming," and the emphasis on the importance of execution for Obama.

More here.

The memo from the RNC chair points to previous comebacks from dire circumstances. But the context for the memo is the current dire circumstance.

cod bliss ewe awl

the 2030 challenge looks similar to a more recent slam dunk cake walk. i wonder how long it will take when those who see the folly and oppose it are aiding the terrorists, endangering the troops and hating amerika for its freedom.


The GOP is in bad shape, but I think it is overestimated. I didn't before, but lately I think that the fortunes for the GOP may be brighter than previously opined.


The GOP isn't in bad shape. 50 million showed up to vote for a would-be-has-been warmonger/hoochound and a religious fanatic who interprets Jewish mythology as a personal promise. How could that dim the hopes of a party which has embraced these policies as their platform? I am so full of optimism that I must sit on my hands to keep from clapping to death.


I think you misspell your name by two extra letters


"Socrates understood that a reform cannot be achieved by a well intentioned leader who recruits his followers from the very people whose moral confusion is the cause of the disorder." ~ Eric Voegelin


Well stated.

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