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Nov 15, 2008


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Al Kaader

Fair enough.


"Reasonable conservatives" as opposed to....

Cuts both ways, you know.


People who oppose the Fairness Doctrine for talk radio are the same people who, ironically, want the government to step in and keep pornography off the radio or TV, said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

David Wharton

Well, here's some evidence. If the Speaker of the House is on record that she favors the Fairness Doctrine, and the Democrats control the House, Senate, and White House, I think a certain amount of apprehension is warranted.


hey guys....don't you fret...liberalism can not exist in government...if you give the government any type of job to do, it will use its authority to police itself and then abuse that authority....liberalism does not exist in that paradigm.....so erase those fears and get back to whatever it was you were doing to support the industries that create the incumbents.

Al Kaader

the Fairness Doctrine sounds suspiciously similar to the Financial Stability Act, Patriot Act etc. The Fairness Doctrine had the obscure phrase which required that all sex offenders would be notified if a vulnerable new child were moving into the neighborhood.

Wil Wurkfurfud

Fair is fair.

Fred Gregory

Oh Yeah ? Evidence..You Can't Stand evidence

Fred Gregory

Chinese Andy Rooney on their
Infallible fairness doctrine

It woks !

Fred Gregory

I feel alone but wise. Wait and see.

Crying Wolf.. Maybe, maybe not, but not so fast

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