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Nov 02, 2008


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Kirk Ross

There are a lot of people saying how glad they are that at long last things are coming to an end.
I hope that years from now we see this moment not as an end but as a beginning.

Duke of Denton

Change seems like a harmless enough word. It could not possibly be conditioning the lumpenproles for the change of being employed to unemployed, retired to to being a greeter somewhere, wealthy enough to live comfortably to being near dead in your new found misery, or your retirement account under your own direction to being nationalized. The fu...., I mean fixeruppers in DC could not be that clever, could they? Naw..cause you guys would have seen through that and put it on your blog. I am the Duke of Denton and I approved this message....and by the way..has Dole crapped in her hat or what? I approved that, too.


Presidential campaigns should not last for two years.

It does get wearying. An argument can be made, though, that campaigns aren't really much longer than they used to be. Media coverage of the campaigns is pervasive, though, once a candidate even begins putting out feelers. For example, in The Olden Days, we wouldn't have watched Edwards' New Orleans kickoff, tracked him across the snows of Iowa, and seen his every utterance dissected by every paid or self-appointed pundit. Multiply that by the number of candidates in the race. For cable, it's a boon: free fodder for dirt cheap airtime.

McCain on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: In keeping with the GOP habit of counting on voters to not pay much attention and to have poor memories.


No comment on the meltdown of the media and the death of journalism in the name of liberal ideology...I guess that's just my imagination, though.

Doesn't fit the narrative, and the McCain Fannie Mae stuff was off topic with the rest of the piece- but I guess you were just trying to comment on the election rather than use the opportunity to attack a position of one of the campaigns (which of course just happened to be the Republican).

Kirk Ross

Pffiffle. The *media* melted down over the launch of the Iraq war and the subsequent suspension of habeas corpus not over its refusal to pursue stale rumors and innuendo of the right.
Journalism is quite alive despite reports to the contrary. Why I just read a story today that Obama might just win this. It seemed to make sense and had a few facts to back that up.


It's a good thing then that there was no television when Lincoln was president.

Journalism is dead. Activist journalism couched as objective news, well that is very much alive.

Jim Buie

Good journalism is very much alive. All one has to do when discouraged is look at the 2008 Pulitzer Prizes.


No TV for Lincoln, but he did have to deal with editorial cartoonists, including at least one who drew him as an ape.

The real demise of journalism is happening as newspapers go out of business and journalists retire or take jobs outside their profession.

Beyond that, an awful lot of noise is out there wearing the journalism label that doesn't come close to meriting it.

I don't count any TV news department that's considered either part of the entertainment division or that must produce a profit to be a home of legitimate journalism. Entire networks -- Fox and now MSNBC -- have been created to spin news created elsewhere to accord with the biases of their target audiences. Don't look to them, or most of the rest of cable, for real journalism. Pundits and other assorted yahoos sitting around jabbering about the news is no more journalism that an equal number of folks doing the same at some bar. Or, for that matter, the comment threads on this and other blogs. (It's noteworthy that the Brits call people who read the news on radio and TV presenters, and don't expect them to have talents beyond speaking clearly and getting a question out.)

And the less said about the cesspool that is talk radio, the better.


Ed, do you want to help put a little more heat on the N&R for still not reporting about Mitch Johnson's sworn answers? JR said he would look into it over a week ago, but still nothing. Sounds like a real credibility problem over there. Maybe a post reminding people that the N&R still hasn't reported on this.

Just an idea. You said you thought it was news, but the N&R still doesn't seem to think so.

Time in.


Lincoln had the best journalists deported or jailed during his war. TV and anything printed after Malleus Maleficorum are for entertainment. We are entertained then only if it fails to conflict with our cognitive bias and our precious little narratives after which we model our worldview. What appears to be a big tent collapse is no more than Buckley, Powell and others who create an illusion of competence, taking a sock off of one foot and putting it on the other, then putting their brown, crusty noses in a different crack. Changes will come but in ways that no one has yet imagined. Creating value by decree, the government's attempts at illusion and the flaws in a debt-based monopoly currency will burden the prudent and the innocent to a point where the entire system will put on trial. The governments bogus bailout attempts will be in the "news" again soon. Politicians and the proles are still concerned with Nov 4th. After that, voters' remorse will set in when they realize none of the change, promised by both sides, will be voluntary.



You ever read any of Jay Hanson's work of dieoff.org fame ?


RBM..no I have not but scanned the info there. I saw a reference to Karl P. Thank you very much.


RBM..great site..presentation on a complex problem done on a level that most 6th graders could understand. I owe you a drink with an umbrella in it. :)!

Brad Krantz

I'd like to apologize in this space for the aggressive questioning of Sen. Dole on our program Friday morning, regarding her Helms-like ad regarding Kay Hagan's religious proclivities. She was obviously just performing a public service, informing North Carolina about Kay Hagan's atheistic agenda should she become a U.S. Senator. And, upon further review, CLEARLY that voice that says "there is no God" while a picture of Ms. Hagan is on the screen is NOT Hagan's... only a partisan hack would think otherwise. Research shows that 99% of those surveyed knew that was the voice of one of the Godless chicks seen earlier in the commercial for at least 1.34 sec.
The one percent too stupid to see the truth include the liberals at the N&O, The Charlotte Observer, the News and Record, and the Winston-Salem Journal, all editorializing against the beleaguered Mrs. Dole.


That would be the correct 1%, Brad. Now why didn't you ask Hagan why she even went to that fundraiser knowing who was hosting it like the guys on that other radio station did?

Didn't fit the narrative.


As an aside...

I thought the Helms bit this AM was weak and unfunny.

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